Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Delivering Learning Content in Multiple Languages

Nothing connects people like a shared language. It enables us to communicate and understand one other in a way that bridges even the largest cultural divides.
With the exception of immersion schools, the majority of education and training is almost always delivered in the language of the institution or organization. According to Pew Research, in the United States alone, 1 in 10 pupils indicate English as a second language (ESL); and 35 million speak Spanish as their preferred language at home. Another 12.5 million indicate English is a second language.

Big Opportunities

Looking at these numbers you can't help wonder at the implications for continuing education and training for ESL learners. We see huge opportunities in for skills development and learning management here.
Think about it: if continuing education and training could be delivered in the preferred language of the learner, it would open doors to many potential learners that would not otherwise consider continuing education as an option, when language is a barrier to doing so.

We've Figured it Out

Shift iQ enables multi-language learning through our unique translation framework. Our software is designed to enable your organization to translate a single learning object into any desired language without any loss of fidelity around management (tracking and reporting) of the original learning object.
Content and course material originally developed in English can be translated into Spanish, and both can be managed as a single deliverable unit of learning.
For example, imagine a multiple-choice question on quiz. The text displayed to every learner is displayed in his or her preferred language, and the instructor or administrator can easily run consolidated reporting on the results in his or her preferred language. In this sense, the question (and all of the metrics that surround it) is what we call "language agnostic".
Not only can you translate learning requirements (courses, modules, quizzes, and exams) and deliver these online, you can manage learning requirements within a single centralized workspace, rather than managing content in isolated language-specific silos. Instead of dealing with a separate library for every language, you can think in terms of one core file shared across any number of languages.
Shift iQ empowers trainers and educators to engage learners for whom English is a second language, enabling them to participate in continuing education in the student's language of preference. Just imagine the possibilities...

Making a Difference

Shift iQ is different from other Learning Management Systems. It relates training requirements and learning outcomes to occupational profiles. Individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills to work in a specific occupation can then carry their credentials with them; this adds tremendous value to individuals and organizations working in industries with shared learning requirements.
One of the main goals in education is to produce a competent, capable workforce. Shift iQ exists for this reason: bridging academia and industry.
Shift iQ makes a difference, connecting educators and learners and industry, setting the standard for skills development and talent management nationally and internationally.

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