Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Augment Your Technical Training Programs with QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere. You can find them on everything from billboards to diesel generators to laundry detergent boxes. Scan a QR code and you get instant information on your mobile device. Increasingly, QR codes are finding their way into the workplace, and there are many opportunities to leverage them for improving your business.
Did you know you can use QR codes to deliver skills development and training programs for using the equipment in your organization?
If you are familiar with Shift iQ, you know we are how particular we can be about the language we use to describe skills development planning and training program activities. Learning requirements (which might include technical competencies, SOPs, training guides, etc.) are attached to occupational profiles (or job descriptions), which drive your training and education programs, and a training program can include any number of learning objects. For example, an equipment-related competency might have many different skills that together define safe and competent use of that specific piece of equipment.

Tying it all together

A QR code might appear on a small stainless steel plate fixed to a piece of equipment in your hospital laboratory. Staff members can scan the code to access training guides, operational information, maintenance history, warranty information, and contact information for the manufacturer.
For example, imagine a cardiovascular ultrasound system in your hospital. A staff member can scan the QR code attached to the equipment to access all of the training information associated with it.
QR Code on Medical Equipment
Shift iQ organizes learning objects into learning requirements that can be incorporated into the equipment information assigned to individual QR codes.
Suppose we have a learning requirement that states, "Demonstrate practical instrumentation and use of ultrasound controls." The training resources needed meet this requirement become available on your mobile device after you scan the QR code. These resources might include technical documentation, video instruction, and a competency assessment or quiz.
After the learning requirement is met by a member of your hospital staff, his or her training records are automatically updated for compliance reporting.
It's that easy.
And it gets even better. Shift iQ can track the time from the QR code scan to a completed competency checklist. If your organization needs a comprehensive log of minutes and hours spent on training and skills development (whether in broad, general terms, or in very narrow, specific areas) Shift iQ can help.

An increasingly common practice

Skills development and training programs can be augmented using QR codes in any setting, ranging from hospital laboratories, to mine sites, to aircraft maintenance facilities, to petroleum facilities and renewable energy operations.
QR codes provide a great anchor to technical training on specialized equipment.
Shift iQ is the software that takes learning management to the next level using simple and accessible technology to revolutionize skills development and training programs.


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